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I love this artist's manga so much!!! Their style of bodies is amazing and unique and I love their leading ladies. Each one has such a strong personality and it's always so fun reading their stuff. I hope renta can update all of these stories soon!
Blessed with a third installment. :') thank you renta for giving the people what we want. I'm so happy to be with these two (and Chico) again.
This author knows what she likes and I'm here for it. Yes. If you don't like non-con then feel free to skip, but I'm invested in the characters (the mystery is already set from the first chapter) and the art is soft and really pleasing. Page 32 from vol 1?? Here for it. Looking forward to this continuing. Renta always takes a bit of time for releases but I'm hoping this one won't leave me hanging like a few of the series I've started on this site.
Says it's completed but it just feels unfinished. Maybe the author gave up? Or maybe it really ends on a...plot development?? Shame, this felt like it could go places. Super disappointed and honestly probably not even worth checking out with this uncertainty.
I love the story Allergic to Love so I wanted to check out this other work by the artist! I loved the dynamic between the two of them. Stubborn, funny, and both shy when it comes to their own feelings I loved the progression of their relationship over the whole book.
I like this author's style a lot and I can't wait to see where this goes. Hope that their two series get updated soon!
Very short and not much development, but for the price I'm not complaining. I've been spoiled by many titles on this site with tons of character and depth, but this was still fun and sexy for what it does have. Short and sweet. The art is good too. I'm interested if they have any other works on the site.
Renta just sneaking in a new Niyama release without warning! I wish they'd have author alerts when they put out a new series from tracked authors! I love Niyama's work and was hoping they would translate this. And it's finished all in one go. I'm even considering buying the cat and puppy series in color bc I love their work so much. The dynamics of Niyama couples always make me smile. Thanks for the release Renta!
I love this series too! The four series I have from this publisher are my favorites on the site. The stories have unique twists and keep me hitting that buy button all in one go. This one has really cute art when it goes comedic, and is hot as hell when smutty. Hoping for an update soon!
I didn't pick this up for the longest time because of the very contrast heavy art style and the amount of volumes. But I got to read that first free chapter and found myself intrigued. I love the design of Azuma (reminds me of one of my favorite otome guys) and I like that these two are so clueless about how to love. I have to agree with the 2 star review that the pacing is pretty poor, but for the smut content and price it balances it for me. Hoping for some good plot stuff coming up!
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