Munree's Reviews & Ratings

Very light and nice story! I feared there will be a lot more drama, yet my heart wasn't hurt at all, haha. The couple is pretty sweet, with some problems and insecurities, but it wasn't something big. Side story is cute too. Though I wouldn't mind even more chapters about the main couple! I like Makine Kureta's art style, so it was a pleasure for my eyes.
The sequel I badly wanted to see, but didn't know it existed! And I'm absolutely happy to see it, really wanted to see a continuation of Natsuro's story!~ Story might seem like it's going really fast at first, but there is more to it and a lot of more reason behind it. Page 264 is absolutely beautiful? More of Aki Ueda-sensei, please!
I love Aki Ueda's art and stories, and really hoping to see more of her titles here, because getting through Japanese is rather hard for me! As for this story - it's hot and full of feelings! Ake Ueda's art is too captivating, sometimes I can't get over the way sensei makes their hands move?
Absolutely adorable! Just started reading it yesterday and today a new chapter came out (?°▽°?) Cute, soft and even a little steamy at the end - this story worth re-reading it, very nice for the heart ?(。- ω -)
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