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Idk why it made me feel dramatic haha. Ahhh just when he finally realized his feelings it ends. I want to see a love making that is actually full of love now that they are both aware. Nothing too dramatic, but I held my breath when I saw Ryuji at chapter 5. I still love it, good read.
That was ...hot lmao definitely a PWP but damn I throughly enjoyed it. Loved all of it.
This is hilarious! The MC is such a riot hahahaha he is my spirit animal ? whenever I see someone cute like across the road, even if I know I'll never see them again, I just fall in love and imagine our life together 10 years from now lmfaooo. I really want more chapters so I can see more of their relationship development but I guess I'll leave that to my imagination.
So cuteeee. It's slow but cute. I WANT A SEQUEL FOR THE KIDS!! Grown up and in love ????
Dammit that was so damn cute and hilarious
This is incredibly heart warming
lmfao I love this. The uke though bruh HE LIKES YOU! He ain't gonna get horny to the max if he doesn't like you. He ain't gonna get horny with the girl he doesn't like cuz he's gay. He didn't say no homo after you guys did the Lust & Thrust! You're both gay for each other and you'll soon realize it because you're the main character of a gay manga (鐃b
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