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It was short but very cute! It had everything to make me happy and satisfied, I recommend!!
They're such fools! Omgosh I wish there were more chapters but my heart probably couldn't have taken more of these two, they're too cute! Also, the art is gorgeous and the intimate times were super yum! I highly recommend this and I'm looking forward to reading more from this author, it was just perfect!
I loved it soooo much!!! Both characters develop so we'll and actually all the characters are very charismatic and I just wish everyone to be happy! The male lead becomes such a sweetie and and the female lead is super adorable. It's a very refreshing body swap story, and it has everything you need to feel touched and laugh and cry and by the end you'll be very happy and satisfied. I highly recommend!!
Omgosh this author is such a blessing! If you haven't checked out their other works, you're really missing out, they never disappoint! And this story specially was just perfect! All the characters are very charismatic and the couple is so adorable, they're really too cute!! And this story felt very fresh and original, I've never read anything like this! And it had everything, I'm very happy and satisfied!!!!
Omgosh it was amazing! I really admire this sensei for their story telling, they were able to tell such a touching and beautiful story in such few pages! All characters were very captivating and I'm craving a sequel so bad!! It's totally worth it, you're gonna love it too!
I really like it, do much I wish it could have been longer! But the way it is, it's just perfect, there were enough pages to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and such a wholesome and cute workplace romance, I'm happy and satisfied!
This author is one of my favorites! I really like their art style and storytelling, they're so heartwarming and wholesome! This is a very sweet story about childhood friends experiencing young love and also a touching story about family. After reading it, I'm curious to see a story by sensei about adults, just like ten's dad!
I love ittt! Both characters were so adorable and all the intimate scenes made my heart flutter! It was such a fun read, maybe a bit cliche but the art and characters were so good, it was very much worth it!
Omgosh It was such a cute story! Both characters are very cute inside and out! It's very much worth it, specially if you're looking for something sweet and youthful, and even if you're not looking for that kinda read, you'll still feel very happy after finishing such a wholesome and fantastic story! Now I wanna read more from this author!
It's a bit weird in the beginning but soon the story gets very funny and just adorable! The short extras in the end of the book were quite random and very cute and funny as well. I just love this author's art style and sense of humor. If you're looking for something light and fun to relax, this is your book!
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