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Ok, I was not expecting that much of a plotline honestly, but that drew me in. Genuine action scenes, but also damn the sex scenes were fire. I loved this, it's only 6 chapters but it was a roller-coaster that made me feel all of the things. If you like a little d/s with your crime files, this is for you. Fully recommend
That was so good. Instant favourite, this absolutely shocked me with how good it is.
This was great. It was definitely a smut heavy read, but the plot was really good too, a relationship built on mutual respect and compatible personalities. So sweet, so refreshing, I loved it
This was so damn good, like wow, i loved every single page. I could have read twice as much about these two and enjoyed it.
Well that was awesome. Loved everything about this manga, money well spent, 10/10 recommend
Loved it. A weird way to start a relationship for sure, but they just work so well as a couple
It was a sweet story. In the beginning it looked like it was going to be all about the sex, but they actually have a really deep and fulfilling relationship and I enjoyed reading this
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