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Artstyle and MCs are hot but rapid pacing and split personality plot is kind of confusing and nonsensical. Way more sexual assault flashbacks than I expected too. Glad I only rented the first four chapters, not worth buying IMO.
Don't have any deep comments, I just think this was great! Characters felt realistic, story was nice, consistent art, still lots of sex. I'm not super into muscular guys but still enjoyed.
I couldn't enjoy it as much as the other reviewers. Yes, the art is pretty and the historical setting is interesting, but the plot is even more depressing than I expected and a lot of the detail of things like poetry is lost in translation. If you enjoy court intrigue series like Empresses In The Palace you would likely enjoy this. If you hate watching the aristocracy be horrible and murderous to each other, you won't.
It's all right but feels a little bit disjointed.
Nice art but just full of sexual assault in each story. You can tell it started as a one-shot then got expanded because character backstory keept changing and contradicting what had been established in the first chapter. Basically regret the money I spent on it, nothing special and wouldn't re-read.
Don't expect anything deep from the plot, just cute and hot but very stereotypical (constant crying etc etc) sex, with some threesome scenes. The positioning and arrangement of the sex scenes was quite original, so I'd rank it as fun and readable smut.Although this series is marked as complete, it doesn't feel complete at all...not like there's a big cliffhanger or anything but I expected more chapters as the story could really have continued.
The story is cute, and the development of their relationship and feelings feels so real. It reminded me of bittersweet memories of my own high school life, and the sex was very realistic. I would love to read more from this mangaka.
Love love love to see a manga where the characters are actually gay and have realistic high school experiences rather than some "it's only okay if it's you!" bullshit. Both hot and relatable.
Funny and relatable! I really felt for the MC and enjoyed the story even though I usually avoid straight romance manga. I liked that it had realistic-feeling adult characters, but deducting a star because it ended too suddenly. It felt like it was intended to be a longer serialization. One reviewer said it felt rushed but to me it just felt incomplete, like the final chapter was never actually intended to be the last one but the mangaka had to stop for some other reason.
The couple on the cover and preview are only in the first and last chapters. I liked their story, but the entire rest of the (pretty expensive) volume is a collection of one-shots, most of which I didn't like at all so I was disappointed.
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