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Excellent smutty story about a sweet gay guy×the straight masochist he's in love with. I really love the comfortably art where the men actually look like men and the exploration into bdsm for fun. The story is very light hearted overall and considering the trend in Yaoi, the main story surprisingly does NOT contain questionable consent. Yes, you read that right, everyone in the story clearly consented to all sexual acts! Surprise! Great story for the light bdsm inclined although I do wish there was a bit more smut (don't worry, there's a bit of smut in each chapter but I just wish there was moar). Also contains a short side story with some somniphilia themes (might question some of the consent there because sleeping person...)
One of my favorite books, with a lovely mix of a healthy relationship and fetishist kink. Story is told from uke's perspective, beautiful seme x plain uke. Seme has a clothing fetish (he finds tight clothing attractive) and agrees to complete an expensive cosplay project for uke (a game designer) in exchange for uke acting as his model in spandex. Attraction ensues and smut occurs. Highly recommend for a light hearted but sexy read with an enjoyable story line.
Absolutely adorable story with a smattering of nice smut to really give fujoshis/fudanshis what they want in a Yaoi! Story is told from the uke's perspective, a natural born playboy with few redeeming qualities. He messes up the engagement of a wealthy heir who also happens to be his old high school friend and shenanigans ensue. Warning: there is some questionable consent (in the way of the Yaoi-verse where forceful sex is a sign of true love, just avoid it if this title of this is a sensitive issue for you). But overall the story is a romantic comedy with a sweet conclusion. This was my personal cup of tea and I for one really loved the story from the first chapter. Tags: confinement and coerced sex (but played off comedically rather than seriously), first love
Porny one shot. No real story. Art isn't unreasonable, but this is more straight porn than anything else. Which isn't bad if that's your thing. It pretty much ends with someone being mindlessly addicted to gay sex in oneshot, so that's the type of scenario you should expect. Heavily censored though, so that was rather annoying for me (lots of magical glowing white where genitals are supposed to be). Tags of interest: threesome, gangbang, double penetration, dehumanizing dirty talk
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