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Ok... What the fuck was that first review?!The manga is completely different!!! I mean wtf, it so wrong that it's completely the opposite!! But Ok, onto my reveiw:It was interesting and heart warming. The relationship between them is different from a lot of manga. It's healthy and real, in fact I think they would have gotten that far in their relationship even if all the typical coincidences didn't happen to forward the story, just particularly slower. After they gave echother a chance to get to know one another, you might as well confirm they're relationship- they were so cute together!! (Tho, they did not know that). All in all, a heart warming and cute story, that's got a bit of a bite to it. P.S. I really liked the way the gong saw the shou, I mean I nearly died when I began to see him that way too! So cute!??
Great! Awesome! Cute!
Haha! This was kinda fun. It's short but I kinda like it. Also, just so you know, the preview is pretty weird, it's like one of two pages get taken from different points in the story and put together.... Anyway, it was good. I recommend.
I was hesitant at first, because I thought it might be, like forceful? But it's not!? It's so heart warming and cute!...and sexy and kinda kinky... A- anyway! It's awesome and you should totally buy it!!! OK, goodbye!!
Omg! Too cute for words!!! So heart warming, and I almost cried for a sec there.... Tottaly recommend.
I think it's fine as it is. I acctually really don't like omega, alpha stories, I mean all the prejudice and just the life that omegas live, even without the prejudice of everyone can be so...ughhhh. Even their own mate doesn't REALLY respect them sometimes. Anyway, I could read this story and it was pretty fun...?
It's a cute story and all...But the last one???. I loved it! Both really, I mean all! They were all super fluffy and funny! Omg. This is love!
It's open, fun and sexy.I liked it, it was fun.
This sucks! This is hateful!Why are there not more chapters!!?I almost put four stars, OK?! Nah, I'm kidding. This was awesome. I liked the setup, don't know about the love triangle thing... But that could be fine or just nothing much.... Over-all recommend and can't wait for the next chapter!!<3
This is totally cute!It's fluffy and I like his honesty, he says whatever's on his mind.It's a funny combination when you add how he's always horny?