Playing Host To The Nian Monster

author :

Kuro Hyou


Ever since he met the nian monster as a piglet, Natu has been captivated by his beauty. Every 12 years, the year-beast visits the village of the pig tribe as the emissary of peace. The strongest warrior in the tribe is appointed the "Jianu," who must offer the beast his hospitality. After working all his life for this opportunity, Natu has been chosen at last! He's so excited to be reunited with the nian monster after 12 years, he can't wait to drink and talk the night away... But, his innocent expectations leave the nian monster unsatisfied...
It seems Natu still has much to learn in the ways of worldly delights, and the nian monster is all too happy to teach him!


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author :

Kuro Hyou

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Yokoso Ubokuno Nenjusama

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