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Mah-kun is SO SWEET! Seriously, I'd be all over him ? I'm really glad he's taking his time introducing Miku to sex and not rushing things! Really looking forward to seeing them grow as a couple!
SUPER HOT! Seriously though, the ART is absolutely gorgeous and so is the ML! *fans oneself*Hana is a lucky girl! And the way they first met, hilarious!! I hope this author has written other series', gonna check it out now ?
Very hot chemistry between the two leads however the ending felt rushed
Very heartwarming and relatable! I admire the ML for not taking advantage of the FL when she was too young for an adult relationship! They are really cute together and I cannot wait for the next volume!
Pretty hott but kinda got confusing with the love square at the end….
Not my cup of tea but I'll probably continue reading it. I can only see the ML's affection for the FL when they're having sex. I think the FL is too good for him.
I'd agree with the first couple of chapters involving somewhat non consensual sexual activity, however the rest of the series is really SWEET; the ML is changed by the FL's love. Even though the start to their relationship was rocky in terms of consent, we can't act like this is something that never happens (surely it should never occur) but people make decisions they wouldn't have otherwise made under the influence of alcohol. Anyways, I would still implore people to give this story a chance! It was definitely worth reading. Two different love triangles and the ups and downs of dating someone famous, I thought the author did a great job exploring a young woman's first love!
Absolutely adorable! I love Hina's overprotective boyfriend, normally I'd find it annoying but here it just makes me smile and laugh. Maybe it's their age. If they were in their twenties I think it would be a completely different story. No regrets with this purchase! Perfect mix of heartwarming/cuteness and hot love scenes!
So freaking adorable! Very heartwarming! Definitely worth the points!
Dude the MC is mighty fine! He started out as a real jerk but every chapter he grows on me!! Coco is so lucky!!
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