MissSleepless's Reviews & Ratings

The actual cutest shit. Top tier adorableness. There aren't enough words to describe how freaking sweet this is. The story is offbeat and it knows it, and the humor is just on point, plus the leads are just great together. Cannot recommend this enough of you like funny, fluffy, low-stakes friends to lovers stories that are a blast to read.
An absolute treat the entire way through. Adorable, sexy art, and the building relationship between the leads is fun and heart-felt, with a little surprise twist. I've already re-read this whole story three times and I just love it.
The tonal whiplash is absolutely wild, but I genuinely enjoy both of the leads and their bonkers out there relationship and antics. Great art and a lot of fun, rating four stars due to haywire, inconsistent pacing and some messy story beats, but still a wild smutty time!
Incredibly charming. Great characters (Ryono is such a mood! I relate so much as an introvert in a highly social job.), fantastic clean art, and a nice medium-burn romance. Also, we get chapters from both Ryono and Ryo's perspectives, which is such a rarity, and it made it even better! Loved it from beginning to end.
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