Hold on! You didn't tell me I was the bottom!

author :

Tomo Mitsuhashi


The partner I've been pleasuring, gets me off with their technique, making me cum multiple times, becoming a female. Dating for 2 years. It is set that Kyohei is the top and Sakuya is the bottom. Kyohei believed that he was always satisfying Sakuya with his techniques, but he happens to hear Sakuya talking about how he's "not good at sex!?" Not knowing how to improve, he decided to confide in Sakuya, in which he replies, "Wanna try being done by me?" Can't feel anything by the butt! Is what he thought... His inside throbs when he's actually touched and caressed. Hold on! You didn't tell me this!


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author :

Tomo Mitsuhashi

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Chotto Mate Orega Nekotoka Kiitena

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Hold on! You didn't tell me I was the bottom!

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