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Oooh I can't explain this!! Um this manga was so wholesome to the point it gave me heart aches!!! Its so cute. I would definitely recommend this to someone who loves cute boys and wholesome lovers!!
Personally; it was a very good comic... it really was but the real story didnt last long. But the other 2 short stories was a sport for the main story in side the comic im just guessing. I just wish that the real story was longer. In other words it wasnt that 100 or so pages i wanted.It just really bothed me that paided 500yen/4$ for a story i was highly interested in turn out be a let down;well not a let down per say i was just disappointed is all. Its worth the 500yen/4$ for a 48h or 45h.
cute funny and oh boy!!! >///< Just reading this is a hell of a trip! Oh but a good one no worries!~Steamy goodness and Action. Okay it's Well done there i said it happy! >///<~~nuu
i love this but i wish it could keep going!!! >///<
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