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Wawwwwww, didn't expect chapter 3 ending omg!!!! This series is really good! So much angst and so intense! The art is really good too. And chapter 3 ending really turn over everything. Can't wait for next chapter
AHHH IT'S FROM MY FAVOURITE AUTHOR.!love it~~Like usual, the art is so sexy.It's only chap 1 right now so i can't comment about the story line. But its great so far.!Finally there's 3some from this author!!!!Ahhhh!!!!
This kinda a cute manga. The mc and bf is so cute together. And masaki is really adorable.I read till chap 3 and there's no cheating whatsoever in this.More like sex ed.Love it though!
Nao Tamaki why you know me so well~Reallllyyy like the art.The guy looks like Itachi 2.0 xDThe story is good too~~
Love this story~But its too short ;(I want more~~
Wawww this story is is so good~If you like something dark twisted and sexy this author is the one for you~
The art is so goodd.The h scene is really hot~The story is great too.Love it!
This is so good~~Love both the mc.The drawing is pretty too.
It was soo goooddd.I recomended it!
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