The Virgin Stranded in a Brothel -Forced into Prostitution-

author :

Nao Tamakiuroco


Tormented by his expert touches, she's soaking wet, even though it's her first time... and her innocent body is made into something shamefully erotic. It's Yui's first time with her boyfriend and yet she is unable to bring herself to take that plunge. On one such day, she ends up slipping through time and finds herself in one of the red-light districts in the Edo period!! Before a very confused Yui appears the owner, Safumi, who looks exactly like her boyfriend. "You'll make an excellent prostitute," he says, and she is forced to realize just how different he and her boyfriend really are as he pleasures her against her will...... "Will I be forced to become a prostitute!?"


Mature_Romance_MangaJapanese_CultureFantasyLocalized by Renta Completed

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author :

Nao Tamakiuroco

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Japanese :

Yuukaku ni Chitta Shojo Jorou ni Sareta Watashi

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The Virgin Stranded in a Brothel -Forced into Prostitution- (1)

Pages: 56

The Virgin Stranded in a Brothel -Forced into Prostitution- (2)

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