I'm the CEO's Sex Toy

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"I'll buy you along with these sex toys." First an electric massager, then an aphrodisiac... and then she's brought to a climax with a vibrator! The CEO's extreme sexual stimulation has Manami completely at his mercy! Tricked by a pyramid scheme, Manami ends up buying a large amount of adult goods. She tries to sell some of them to her co-workers in order to lessen her debt, and then, just when she thinks she's going to get fired, the CEO buys up all the toys. But on one condition: That he's able to buy Manami's body as well!


Mature_Romance_MangaCEOSadistic_Boyfriend Completed

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Watashi wa Shachou no Seigangu

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I'm the CEO's Sex Toy (1)

Pages: 67

I'm the CEO's Sex Toy (2)

Pages: 67

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October 13, 2014 (JST)
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