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Wow, a terrible story, he marry another woman and abandoned the FL only to return two years later. Talk about no justice for FL. Waste of money
A very very common and boorish storyline. Childhood friends, grown into adult that were separated in their teen years. They meet again. He forces himself on her and confusion and then confession and then happy ever after. A general store not worth the money.
This is probably going to be a long series, progression is slow, but looking forward to some character development. So far the fml is relatable and likeable.
It's a very cute story about a very clueless woman trying to teach a very arrogant man about love. She's so cute and filled with hope and he's just the opposite. Their interactions are so cute. Worth the 200 points. Can't wait for the next release!
A very basic, basic. Story not worth the points save your money for a better one.
It was okay, not worth 5.99. That's for sure!
I love it, I love it when the ML bullies the female lead, because he has an obsession with her, not confirmed yet, but I absolutely sure that he's obsessed with her!
This is my favorite story of all time on Renta! The ML and FL are wonderful! The story line is unique and so cute. Plus, it helps theat the ML is madly in love with the FL.
It's a very typical and generic story, but I like pushy male lead, with a good looking face, which I dont mind spending 1.50 on
I think, this story is very cute, but that's only because I love storylines where the Male lead loves/like the female lead more then she like him. Also doesn't not hurt, that the art work is lovely.
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