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If you like stoic and cool-headed dominants and a lot of hot and sexy scenes, then this is definitely a nice read. What's also nice is that even though there's a lot of smut, there is still fair storytelling here. I will say that it's not enough though to truly be a fully fleshed out story, but compared to a lot of manga here that I've been reading lately where the storytelling seemed to be lacking, reading this made my day. I completely finished reading everything, and it's definitely a seductive read, so five stars for that. If I have any other comments about this besides praise, it really would have been great if even more depth was offered in characters while exploring their backstories, because some things could heavily use an explanation like how certain characters came to like one another. Overall, I'd say this was worth spending time with.
Interesting dynamic switch up when it comes to the general looks of the uke and seme. Interesting concept. But the story and characters aren't deep enough for me. Maybe it's a good read for those who want some quick smut, but even the smut scenes are very short-lived and not even that hot. Maybe if the story was longer and fleshed out more with the concept, characters, and storytelling, this may have been a far more interesting read. Personally though, I'm not a fan of this and wouldn't come back for it. I'm giving 2 stars for the effort. It's not horrible enough to be 1 star, and I would't rate an average 3 stars since I'm disappointed. Just note, if you are searching for very in depth storytelling, this is not a read for that. And while this does provide an interesting concept, the characters are so shallow with one of them being very air headed and unrealistic that I can't fully digest what I just read.
Generally speaking, beautiful art and art execution when it came to certain layouts (like the black and white illustration neatly drawn inside a box after every chapter. Those were really fun to look at). But overall, judging only by what I read from the first set [Monday - Thursday], it just isn't my flavor. I admit that the concept is interesting, and Seven Days makes for a nice lighthearted read with a dash of conflict here and there to add a little to realism, but overall I felt it lacked communication. I read/viewed (since some pages are just art) all 165 pages, but due to the lack of poor communication and transition in storytelling, I still found myself feeling confused throughout the story to when I finished. I got a general idea of what was going on, but because some things felt cut short such as character background, perspective, explanations, and interaction, I really didn't feel a close connection to what it was that I was reading. It's such a shame, considering that the art is nice. I'm rating 3 stars average due to the potential concept of the story and the nice art. I won't say Seven Days is a waste to read. It's decent. But I think the re-read value is very low due to its choppy transitioning and storytelling. I did however permanently purchase this mainly because I simply like the art so I can go back to it anytime for fun.
Nothing spectacular enough to rate 4 stars. Though if I could, maybe I'd rate 3.5 mainly because this manga is a fun oneshot read. When I say "fun", I'm referring to the imagination the artist put here. After all, seeing a bunch of hot guys revolving on a sushi conveyor belt isn't something you find everyday. So in that aspect, it's fun. Sadly, there isn't really an actual story to this nor do you get to explore all the characters since what's presented here is very limiting. But it's a nice short read nonetheless and I loved the plot twist at the end.
If you enjoy classy but twisted characters with unorthodox but intriguing concepts within the story, then this may be an interesting read for you.I'm looking forward to reading the next updates. It's a story of survival and competition, but it's all done in such an intriguing way that makes anyone who has any sort of taste for the twisted to come back wanting to read and check out more. Rating 5 stars because I'm having fun reading this so far.
It was an ok read. Personally I didn't think it was anything too exciting or too boring... (Although admittedly I think I got a little bored) The concept of the story sounded interesting so that's why I took a shot at reading this, but a lot of things in this lacked substance. A lot of things seem shallow too, as there are many parts that could use more details. I won't say that reading this is horrible, but in my opinion it just doesn't grab my attention enough to rate it an average three stars. Feel free to read though if you want to expose yourself to a new idea/concept concerning this whole voice actor topic, but as far as storytelling goes, there's almost nothing there. (Except for very basic details, but what puts me off is that there's no potential expansion on the basics that are given)
I'm putting 5 stars to rate the cuteness of this manga. It's a pleasant and funny read if your mood feels down. I was feeling down earlier but reading this manga literally made me chuckle and put a smile on my face. I finished all the chapters, and I happily enjoyed them. What I'm also glad about is that although the description of this manga describes the seme to have a sadistic side, it isn't the "I'm gonna rape you" kind that some BL manga portray. It isn't forceful. Haha, at least, maybe not too much. There's going to be some light comical conflicts in some chapters, but I won't say too much since I don't want to spoil anything important. I will say though, that the seme gives off an almost Okita Sougo (from Gintama) air to him. I don't know, he sort of reminded me of him somehow, which made it an even more fun read because if you know Okita's character, well, you'll probably have some idea of what to expect here as well. Lots of fun and humor to come around, and the overall tone of the story is sweet. The storyline/plot isn't the most amazingly, detail-heavy thing out there, but it's worth the read if you want to have a smile put on your face and enjoy this cute manga for what it is.
I really enjoyed this series. I was first drawn to it because I liked each cover art a lot. I know there's that phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover", but you can really tell the artist put effort here because I get an instant feel of what the characters, especially the main one, will be like. You can get a glimpse of their personalities just by looking at how they are drawn and the colors that are used to depict the mood. But enough talk about cover art, on to the manga! I finished it. I honestly think the storytelling and dialogue (some things are ambiguous, but not terribly ambiguous that it'll take away from the readers' enjoyment) can use more work but overall it is definitely an enjoyable read if you like sensual characters, a dash of character development, and flaws (unlike some BL manga that just goes straight to the love action with a typical "Wow he's hot I'm going to fall for him.") Even though the storytelling in this manga can still use work and things seem short and brief, overall you can still get a taste of the depth of each characters' personalities, especially the key characters. I don't think this is a series that'll sweep you off your feet, but I think it's certainly a sweet read.
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