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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This mangaka is a genius! She's so not shying away from totally bizarre and outlandish characters, something all of her books have plenty of. This one was sweeter than the other two works on this site. I loved the first couple. The boss was such a horny and strange man, but held on to hope that he would win his guy over for like six months! That's loyalty right there. I laughed so much at all the crazy things that came out of Aoki's mouth, poor Tomo! The coworkers to roommates to lovers story was really cute. And the last story about the guy that finds his true match was pretty good too. Lots of kinks with this mangaka, something I didn't realize about myself in that I didn't hate most of them. This is definitely interesting and doesn't have any darker elements that make you break out in goosebumps. It's rather straight forward in its appeal of crazy and the crazy things we do when we fall in love. Also finding that one person who truly accepts all of us, flaws especially.
Niyuar Rating
For me the seme of the main story was a horny creep and way too pushy. And I didn't like how his stuff just reacted like 'that's him. Just say no.' That's not how you react when the chief tells his subordinate to strip in the office. And yes, I know it is a fictional story and a manga. I'm still annoyed I wasted my money on this. Second story was good. Third story had this absolute no-go-scene where the seme comes inside even though the uke explicitly told him not to.
jalsy Rating
This is cute and fluffy but peppered with a generous amount of perverted scenes, great as a perk me up read!But I felt that there was not enough on the development of how the couples fell in love with each other, it's more like they fell in lust with each other.
kurome Rating
My gosh the first couple was hilarious
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