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MeepsandYaoi Rating
Oml This manga will forever be in my heart. I loved it so much. It had the perfect balance of plot and "Plot", (ahem fanservice.) It's definetley worth checking out And I Don't regret A thing about reading this!
biggestrebel Rating
sensei does it again!!! The gap moe is so strong in this one!!!! *q* very sexy and fun! 10/10 would recommend! I like both pairings, altho the second top did look a little young for my taste, his partner definitely made up for it. I have a thing for big guys being bottoms, so this was right up my alley and I loved it!Art and characters and smut all 10s!The "development" was kinda weak but all the sexy scenes made up for it!!!! Well worth it for me!
funbrillo Rating
I preferred the main story. I am not a huge fan of smaller semes but don't hate it and the seme was sweet. The second story with the shotacon looking (he was of age though) seme was the one that bothered me more and the reason for me subtracting one star. The uke in that couple was oblivious, super sweet, and naive. Both couples are cute and loving. Good smut.
legallybling Rating
I loooove love love this. Wacoco Waco sensei really knows the sexy appeal of smaller cute seme characters~~~
Paichan20 Rating
It was so cute, no angst and fluffy oh and hawt!
doomsy Rating
Both pairings were so cute and I loved the way they loved each other. Definitely worth a re-read. It is also full of great smut if you like that type of thing. Just sweet, fluffy, cute smut. Read and enjoy!
smokeandlove Rating
Really really loved this! Totally worth the purchase, I'll never get tired of re-reading it
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