The Yakuza Heir and the Chef -Whoever Comes, Loses-

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The saucy yakuza brat faces off against his teacher in a battle for sexual supremacy!! "Li'l Tatsuki... You can't expect the other guy to wait around for you." Tatsuki Konoeda, heir to the Konoeda mob, has run off to become a host. But one night, Konoeda goons come and haul him back home where he's forced to take over the family business! Who do they choose for his instructor but a chef who's known the family for years, Sango Kadai. Tatsuki just wants to get back to his host club and the beautiful girls, but what happens when Sango proposes a sexually charged competition, in front of Tatsuki's own men no less!? "You don't even care that I'm a guy?" "...I care that it's you." What does Sango mean!?


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Gokudou Danshi to Itamae-San Ikasetamongachi

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The Yakuza Heir and the Chef -Whoever Comes, Loses- (1)

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March 26, 2020 (JST)
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