The Billionaire's Trophy A Bride for a Billionaire III

Emmie is a hard-working executive assistant who's so modest and unassuming that it annoys even her boss, Bastian. One day, he learns that she's listed on the website of an escort company and calls her into his office to ask about it. The truth is that Emmie's mother runs the escort company and put up a photo of Emmie without asking. Emmie is furious, but when her mother tells her that there's one customer who insisted on seeing her, Emmie agrees to go out with him, just once. But then she learns that the customer is none other than... her boss!


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THE BILLIONAIRE'S TROPHY A Bride for a Billionaire III

Pages: 129
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artist : Junko Okada original novel : Lynne Graham Publisher : Harlequin Series : A Bride for a Billionaire- 3 -

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