Hammered and Pounded [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]

Matsui's the top dog in Sales who's so handsome he turns the heads of men and women alike. Kensuke, on the other hand, is a happy-go-lucky guy from Planning and Development who gets dumped by girls for being too forward about his desires. Everyone at work sees these two complete opposites as good buddies from the group of four that always seem to hang out together...In reality, Kensuke would rather avoid Matsui who, deep down, makes him feel insecure! As life would have it, Kensuke finds himself having to drink alone with Matsui...! In addition to this author's debut work, the other stories included invlove a boxer who gets aroused by a look, a very needy cousin who used to be in a gang, and a middle manager who gets punished for his team member being naughty... along with many more buff guys! Enjoy the 25 pages of previously unpublished content!!!
Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!

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Hammered and Pounded [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]

Kensuke from Planning and Development finds himself drinking alone with the hot top dog from Sales! One thing leads to another, and they decide to have a contest to see who can make the other one come faster...![214pages]
Pages: 214
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Hammered and Pounded (2)

Good news, fans! The exceptional Matsui and the lovable Kensuke are back again, getting it on the way only they know how. Watch them nurture their love while continuing the hot and heavy part of their intense relationship![200pages]
Pages: 200
Rent (48hrs) : $5.00


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author : Ikuyasu publisher : Junet Co.,LTD Gachi Iki Chouhatsu Night

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