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angel Rating
Absolutely amazing!!! All the plots are different than what you would read in typical yaoi. You can't stop yourself from going to the next page. Endearing yet comical at the same time. I also love how the author doesn't leave you hanging, and It doesn't feel rushed at all. It doesn't leave you with questions, and makes you get that feeling after you've read a good book. It has the right amount of everything. Im glad i found this treasure and would recommend everyone to read.
xryska Rating
Well I have to agree with the mangaka. I like manly ukes. I certainly dislike child like ones, I am ok with effeminate ones, but my preference is manly Ukes. I liked this manga, the characters, the erotic scenes. The stories were good and interesting. I definitely think it was a worthy purchase
TheBetterStory Rating
There was one story I really liked about a sinfully adorable ex-gangster who finally finds a place where he feels comfortable and loved. The characters were developed perfectly for a two-shot, and I'm glad it was included. I also found "Carrot and Dick," a quick oneshot about a spoiled subordinate teaching his boss that sex can be rewarding, pretty cute. But as that title might suggest, the translator sometimes went overboard (e.g. Punny titles, and a guy saying "Get ciggy with it!" about a smoke break.) And other than those two stories, I thought the rest were mediocre PWP, albeit PWP with unusually muscular ukes. Most of the stories don't bother trying to be logical. A guy agreeing to have sex because he likes spy movies? Sure! Even in Carrot and Dick, the boss just accepts being
himarin64 Rating
I ADORED this manga! To be fair, I'm biased towards Ikuyasu-sensei's work from past experiences, but the delicious artwork and the sweet/sexy stories make this one of my recent faves. Yes, some of the plotlines are a bit predictable, but the characters are gorgeous and are actually decently developed in the few chapters they get since the book is a collection of short stories. I definitely recommend this if you're looking for something smutty, yet also cute and funny!
AinoKusabi Rating
Sexy characters acting smutty is the norm with most yaoi. But, every once in a while, I get to read a smutty gem, and this anthology is a gem. The art is detailed and gorgeous, the characters are fun and likable, and some moments are touching. And even though each of the stories has been done to death (cliche), each was still well executed, which made this compilation totally enjoyable to read.
valiantmuffin Rating
I absolutely love this manga! Not only is the artwork extremely sexy (love how beefy they all are), each of the characters are fun in their own ways and you get a chance to see both POVs for each pairing. All the stories were enjoyable to read too. All in all, definitely one of my favorites!
Lulu1112 Rating
1st Volume - I enjoyed Kensuke/Matsui and Masaru/Daiki the most! I'm usually not into super manly ukes but Matsui...he's perfect. Daiki is so so so cute and innocent, my fav character in the volume. 2nd Volume - oh boy did this actually tug at my heartstrings. There were a lot of smutty scenes but what I enjoyed the most was how the change in their working relationship affected their romantic relationship, and how they managed to work through that. Really related to both of them.
Chrisss Rating
Do you like your men to be handsome adults rather than pretty teenagers? Then definitely check this title out. It's both entertaining and hot; it has really funny moments as well as very willing (and unexpected?) bottoms. Plus everyone is just... So. Darn. Handsome. Oh, but don't let the rugged looks and smutty scenes deceive you! The stories are actually incredibly cute, and show the romantic lives of original couples and unusual dynamics that I absolutely adore. This manga is one of my all-time favorites for sure!
takuumiq Rating
Absolutely adore this series! The art is fantastic: the characters are so attractive and easy to look at, even the side-characters. And of course, the erotic scenes are top-notch as well. The pacing of the story in both volume 1 and 2 is done so well; you're never left hanging for too long. The conflicts that the main characters face are just the right amount of dramatic and feel quite natural given the context of the story. There's a lighthearted, comedic overtone that runs through the series that makes it a really enjoyable read.
lukluk Rating
Vol. 1 is good, but vol. 2 is AMAZING. I've read it over so many times. Episodic. Not too serious. Slice of life. I love the way their relationship develops. And also very sexy
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