My Beloved North Star [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Kei, a hot transfer student from the U.S., mistakes Yuri for a girl. Even when he realizes Yuri's a guy, he won't stop making passes at him! Yuri's always had a complex about his cute name and appearance, and Kei keeps pushing Yuri's buttons from day one at school! Kei's weirdly attached to Yuri. He's way too touchy-feely, and on top of that, he loves to call Yuri "cute"...! One day, they're alone together in the library, and Kei can't resist making a move...! "I've never been with a guy, either... Wanna try it?" A handsome, half-Japanese playboy from the U.S. meets a cute-but-ballsy Japanese high-school boy. One just can't seem to say no to the other. A bewildering yet oh-so-sweet teen romance!
Includes four digital-only pages.

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My Beloved North Star [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

A hot, half-Japanese high schooler from the U.S. and his kind, no-nonsense Japanese classmate. Will the stars align on their love story? Two teens finding sweet romance under the North Star.[236pages]
Pages: 236
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author : Ayu Sakumoto publisher : Takeshobo co.,ltd. Navigatoria ni Koi

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