User Reviews For: My Beloved North Star [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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sdab Rating
This is by no means amazing, but you get exactly what you would expect from this one. The art is solid. The story is light and fluffy. Overall, it was an enjoyable, cute read.
Nickole41 Rating
This was honestly this cutest manga I ever read! The main characters have slightly opposite personalities which made it fun to read how they interacted. There weren't a lot of sexual stuff except towards the end, but I love reading more about how the characters get to know each other more than them doing anything sexual. So, to me, it was like the perfect read. I really wished there was more to this but it's still great. Nice pace with a just good pinch of drama. Love it and would reread again.
Heika Rating
The beautiful art drew me in, but the story kept me reading. Both characters are so lovable, and their romance was very sweet and believable. Will def be reading again.
fionav3 Rating
Oh my gosh, I LOVED this! The story was so cute and fluffy, and I really loved the character development. Plus it was a believable story in how a couple might come to be. Kei was such a dork at times, for a supposedly cool, handsome seme, which made him very endearing as a character. And Yuri was hands down one of my favourite ukes ever! He was so cute and little, but definitely not the typical cutsy personality that goes with that type of uke (throwing water over the bullies springs to mind!). I also love how snarky he could be (I laughed at that scene where the astronomy club went stargazing in the mountains and Kei was gibbering over the bugs, and Yuri just told him "use your big boy words" :D :D). The art was also really lovely. Gonna check out more from this mangaka.
ebookrenta0va8y75l7 Rating
Jorsay Rating
The Story is very sweet. I like the charakter and I can sympathize with the characters. And apologize for my bad English.
Bigsmilezrina Rating
It is worth the read. Not spicy lol butttt its mighty sweet and cute.
Bibibabubi Rating
Love it! Both characters are very likeable.
Reddbone561 Rating
I fell for this story from the preview... I like how their opposite in personally but end the end they wore what each other needed to get over their issues! Sad Kei life was like that though. Glad they both get happy ending (not everyone does)
Purplerose128 Rating
I live for stories where characters are mistaken as the opposite sex and that was the hook that led me to a cute little story! It was a fun read worth my money. My only complaint is I wish there was more of it.
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