User Reviews For: Angelic Whispers Bring Demons to Their Knees [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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radish Rating
Cuuuute and gorgeousssss
Darkkyubbi Rating
I'm actually crying, this was so good. Great plot, characters,art, everything.I was so surprised and almost regret buying it outright because lately a lot of the manga kinda sucked. But this one is by far the best I've encountered. Worth the buy!
Jedirenagade Rating
I was a little apprehensive but the stories were so good. I thought it was just the right amount of smut and love. Definitely one to read over and over!
tep1one Rating
I love the story and the art. I wish it was longer.
bluegem270 Rating
The characters are wonderful and the stories and art are beautiful.
Ashurichan Rating
I put off reading this for so long thinking I wouldn't like it but it is wonderful! Beautiful art and super sweet and painful story.
Tropikaldemon Rating
Honestly one of the best titles I've read here!! The stories are so touching and the hot scenes are so good too, worth every cent ^~^
Texlovy17 Rating
Cute story lines
otaisi Rating
its a really cute collection! i liked it alot :3
Eizen Rating
Real lewd and cute stories. Second story had a little more character development, but both are pretty damn adorable.Highly recommended >:3
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