Backstage, I'm Yours

author :

Tomo Nakami


Masataka, an audio technician, has known Kei since his amateur rock days and used to treat him to ramen. But, now that Kei has become a top-selling artist, their positions are reversed. One day, Masataka is assigned to help with Kei's upcoming performance, and after the show he's invited to the after-party. Little did he realize it was an orgy!


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author :

Tomo Nakami

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Japanese :

Backstage Kimi no Iinari

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Backstage, I'm Yours (1)

Pages: 38

Backstage, I'm Yours (2)

Pages: 38

Backstage, I'm Yours (3)

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Backstage, I'm Yours (4)

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Backstage, I'm Yours (5)

Pages: 38

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