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retardedapplejuice Rating
***Contains: a very lewd uke; a reversi blonde; a sadistic black-haired, model-student type top; orgy; fellatio; mob/gangbang; double anal.***Come for the nips, stay for the DP. There's not much story here at all. In fact, I like how the author just gave a brief introduction of the main characters without it getting in the way of what happens in the rest of, so far, chapter 1.I also like the art. The shading is somewhat rare to find in smutty titles nowadays, so I definitely appreciate the artist putting in that extra bit of work for gorgeous visuals. Only downside is the typical censorship. Genitals are one thing, but even assholes are just white clouds.
secretobsession Rating
It was good but seriously the censorship just killed it! Don't do super smut stuff if you're just going to censor it
Rosemj Rating
Wow!!! Hope there's a sequel to see how their escapades continue.
dsylynkurokawa21 Rating
This is so hot but the dick censorship pissed me off, but its almost good for a one shot.And Uke's Ahegao faces are so amazing ?
anonmaly Rating
Porny one shot. No real story. Art isn't unreasonable, but this is more straight porn than anything else. Which isn't bad if that's your thing. It pretty much ends with someone being mindlessly addicted to gay sex in oneshot, so that's the type of scenario you should expect. Heavily censored though, so that was rather annoying for me (lots of magical glowing white where genitals are supposed to be). Tags of interest: threesome, gangbang, double penetration, dehumanizing dirty talk
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