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Mrsmangame123 Rating
All the stars!! This escalated very quickly haha. Art is great. Pacing is really good and I'm liking the juxtaposition of characters. Sano wants to be no. 1 so bad, but Kiyoharu just makes it look too easy. That lunchtime, hidden nook scene took things to a whole new level. Wow. Kids these days. I'll definitely be checking back on this one.
stan123 Rating
This is Azuma's story from A Coward Falls in Love!!! Love this author.
motherpupper6 Rating
Amazing! I couldn't stop reading
Cutecat213 Rating
I loved this so much, and chapter 6 was my favorite. Once Sano decides on a thing, he put his whole self into it~
Risuna Rating
It was so much fun to see the back & forth of the characters & to see the different sides of them - the sexy scenes were amazing & I love the gradual build-up of their relationship.
Hydesnumber1 Rating
I love the way Sano is just swept away by Kiyoharu's whims. This title is very funny yet sexy. I highly recommend it!
dragonwolf1221 Rating
It was really sweet and Sano and Kiyoharu were so cute ^.^
Airricca28 Rating
This was super cute! I love that there wasn't too much drama. This is just overall an adorable story, and I love both the characters!
Nemo1 Rating
This is a great story on its own even if you haven't read a coward falls in love.
QL19 Rating
Loved it so much!
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