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Mrsmangame123 Rating
All the stars!! This escalated very quickly haha. Art is great. Pacing is really good and I'm liking the juxtaposition of characters. Sano wants to be no. 1 so bad, but Kiyoharu just makes it look too easy. That lunchtime, hidden nook scene took things to a whole new level. Wow. Kids these days. I'll definitely be checking back on this one.
stan123 Rating
This is Azuma's story from A Coward Falls in Love!!! Love this author.
Cutecat213 Rating
I loved this so much, and chapter 6 was my favorite. Once Sano decides on a thing, he put his whole self into it~
motherpupper6 Rating
Amazing! I couldn't stop reading
yellowdoors Rating
What a wonderful and cute story! It is completed but no wish it was longrr!! Really lovely characters too.
aokippoi Rating
Pretty cute, wasn't expecting azuma to be the bottom but still good ^_^
kyourine Rating
Love the dynamics.
Clarie Rating
Love, love, love this one! The hate to love relationship was so well written, and we got to read the story from mostly seme'd perspective, which is so rare. A cute, easy to tease seme and a cool, handsome uke? Give me more <3
Risuna Rating
It was so much fun to see the back & forth of the characters & to see the different sides of them - the sexy scenes were amazing & I love the gradual build-up of their relationship.
Hydesnumber1 Rating
I love the way Sano is just swept away by Kiyoharu's whims. This title is very funny yet sexy. I highly recommend it!
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