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stan123 Rating
This is Azuma's story from A Coward Falls in Love!!! Love this author.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
All the stars!! This escalated very quickly haha. Art is great. Pacing is really good and I'm liking the juxtaposition of characters. Sano wants to be no. 1 so bad, but Kiyoharu just makes it look too easy. That lunchtime, hidden nook scene took things to a whole new level. Wow. Kids these days. I'll definitely be checking back on this one.
opippy77 Rating
So far, sooo good! Certainly has it's fair share of shrieky-freaky moments (which i love, btw). I LOVE hawt smut. BUT... this story also has genuine humor, and storytelling skillful enough that it doesn't read as vapid porn. There's only 2 chapters, so far. But i'm liking what i've read...
tickeldpink Rating
This is so good! It has got one of my favorite tropes: "dude who thought he was straight but WOW this guy is so sexy to me for some reason??" Sano's not really an unwilling participant, just confused and horny. It also stars the side character from "A Coward Falls in Love" Azuma, who I'm happy to see since he was likable and hot.
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