Playing Brothers: Bossy and Undefiled

Hisaki lives alone with his younger step-brother, Yuzuru, his only remaining family member. Before he realizes it, he starts developing feelings for his brother, who's grown into an attractive young man. Hisaki starts working at a call service for men for the money and to help get over his feelings. His cool, bossy persona makes him the most popular guy at the club. But, he's actually never gone all the way! Just as Hisaki starts worrying that he won't be able to hold his feelings inside any longer, a misunderstanding results in Hisaki and Yuzuru getting it on... It's a hot, steamy love story between two step-brothers.

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Playing Brothers: Bossy and Undefiled (1)

Hisaki's one of the top guys at the call service for men he works for. But, he's actually never made love! He's been hiding his feelings for his step-brother, Yuzuru, who happens to catch him heading into a cheap motel with a client...[38pages]
Pages: 38
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Playing Brothers: Bossy and Undefiled (2)

"If I asked, would you let me do you again?" Hisaki's first time is with his younger step-brother, Yuzuru. He tries desperately to keep his cool so they can stay a family...[36pages]
Pages: 36
Rent (48hrs) : $

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Playing Brothers: Bossy and Undefiled (3)

Hisaki tries to keep up the act, but after being assaulted by a client, he realizes he doesn't want anyone touching him but Yuzuru...[37pages]
Pages: 37
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Playing Brothers: Bossy and Undefiled (4)

Hisaki plucks up the courage to tell Yuzuru how he feels. But, before he can, Yuzuru finds out about his job.[39pages]
Pages: 39
Rent (48hrs) : $

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Playing Brothers: Bossy and Undefiled (5)

Will Hisaki and Yuzuru finally resolve their misunderstandings and begin their life together as lovers?[50pages]
Pages: 50
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : rihara publisher : JULIAN PUBLISHING Kyoudai Gokko to Shojo Bitch

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