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Rosemarie77 Rating
*holds hand out greedily* can I have some more please!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Forgive me for I have sinned. Twincest is so so so taboo!!! But OMG!!! Poor Azuma. His love for his slightly older and aloof twin Miyabi knows no bounds. Literally obliterated all boundaries of common sense and decency. And I'm just gonna be waiting for the next installment. Art is great. Need more backstory. Can't wait to see how this new sleeping arrangement goes. ;)
egowisp Rating
remember when you were 12 & reading bl on yaoihavenreborn or w/e and how flustered it made hasn't made me flustered in years but this has such flavor....
beitfamily Rating
*chefs kiss* ive spent almost $500 on renta and this is easily in my top 5 fave things ive read despite it only having a few chapters up! im obsessed!! the arts amazing, both charas so lovable, really really hot... im gonna watch closely for updates!!
avadonia Rating
the first chapter has really drawn me in! the art is perfect and the main characters are so attractive. the flakey older twin brother and the responsible younger brother dynamic leads to some interesting possibilities for future chapters as well. also spoilers(!) but this might be a turn off for some people so its important to mention. there's somnophilia at the end which, honestly, is a big win for me. can't wait for more!
Cheli2507 Rating
Summer Rating
This is my absolute favourite manga out of everything I've read on Renta. The artwork is insanely beautiful, the goal the creator had for the character design came through perfectly, the boys and their love for each other are so believable. Also the artist has an amazing understanding of the perfect angles to draw from (which I believe is the make or break factor for erotic works). The story is not rushed and its not too slow, they develop and allow the readers to bond with the characters before jumping into the lovemaking (which is gorgeous) . Sorry for such a long winded review but I truly love this manga and cannot wait for the next chapter!! ??????
thewritinggirl Rating
Sooo pretty and sweet and hot and you can see the true love they have for each other-I kinda somehow manage to look past the fact they're TWINS and just focus on their relationship...
Athenaspace Rating
Kudos to our young miyabi for making him think he's not capable ??I dont believe him, but isn't he so smart like this? Rooting for you lol
Ftgdggsoogst Rating
I want more this one I love love love it I want more