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Jesskayho Rating
I normally never write reviews but this is honestly the best first chapter I've ever read. It's completely unrealistic but hilarious and I'm so ready for more chapters. I read this with zero expectations and burst out laughing at the wild situation FL gets herself into. Plus it's still steamy enough too. I'm so ready for the next chapter.
andiekae Rating
Overall it's a fun story! The art is good, and the premise is fun. I think though if it's going to be short like this it should have committed harder to either being romance or being erotic, since there's not a ton of either interaction, at least to me. The ending is also very abrupt, and doesn't really wrap things up. I understand an open ending, but it just felt kind of like we wound up a bunch only for it to just say “eh, whatever you want I guess.” A solid read and fun story, I just wish the pacing was better!
kyokobaby Rating
Ok! so I picked this one back up to give it another try, and I'm glad I did. I should *probably* wait until the last chapter comes out before reviewing, but that's still a week away... Anyway! what struck me right away was the humor. it does start off a bit... ridiculous, I guess, given the MC is an assassin, but as the story progresses we get the suggestion of darker/disturbing undertones that's cleverly presented in successive chapters, giving you a little bit of a mystery to figure out. even if I've picked up on the hints and correctly guessed the client/twist, I still think this could go toward a few different options for the ending. and hey, even if I'm wrong, I'm still looking forward to the last chapter!
SVClaybaugh Rating
I had my doubts. But I was proven wrong a thousand times over. This is just so cute and funny. I can already see the numerous hilarious failed attempts at killing him. She may be an assassin, but she is still human.
Bubble55 Rating
Oh my god this is exactly what I needes. Absolutely HOT and RAW, I loooove this!! I keep saying yummy when I read it.
chouchou Rating
okay there are only two chapters out, but I sincerely love this series so far. the art is great, and it's refreshing to see an FL who is so confident and capable at her work... except when it comes to this guy, lmao. fun, steamy, and surprisingly sweet. would highly recommend.
KinkyWaffle Rating
This is so fking funny lmfao
Mangareader Rating
Art is pretty good and it's a unique story for sure. While I can't judge much since only the first chapter is out so far, it is a bit fast paced. Just falling into a situation like that is a bit of an eye roll. Then again, seeing the vulnerabilities of both sides before learning about the characters is exciting. Look forward to reading more!
Akane Amari Rating
There's quite a few elements that end up being INCREDIBLY satisfying when reading this!! The character developments are fairly shallow, however don't feel rushed which the same cannot be said about similarly smutty manga. With so much comedy and smuttiness, it's totally worth it.
SoraSkyward Rating
All I got to say is this is fire
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