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SadAsian Rating
Brite publishing at it again with the good stuff. One chapter so far but the story has such potential and the art is beautiful.
stupid93 Rating
I CAN'T PUT TO WORDS HOW HAPPY I AM TO DISCOVER THIS TITLE GOT PICKED UP!! I'm a big fan of the mangaka and has been following her works in JP side of Renta and this one is just the personal fave for me. I won't spoil cus as of this review, there's only two chapters here and 6th chapter out in JP but I will say KEEP READING IT'S SO GOOD I would spend my time rereading and absorbing the story into my brain hhh thank you for picking this up!!
Kazz Rating
I cried so many, many, many times. I love the story. I love the art style. It's awesome! The ocean scene would be so much nicer in colors. I get it in black and white but would be freakin awesome if we have that in colors. I'm dying to read the next chapter!Purchase this. Worth every dollar!!
digimonqq Rating
The story had potential but it was squandered due to the rushed ending. The author tried to resolve everything within one chapter but the pacing became super fast. I really suspect that the manga wasn't popular enough so the author was forced to finish it quickly by her editors. She tried to go for a more serious story this time but unfortunately the rushing at the end made all the hardships the uke and the seme had to go through seem almost comedic. The father, who was this big and foreboding final boss type character became tamed immediately once the seme's mother returned.She was basically a deux ex machina who came in to save the day. Now, all of the issues are suddenly solved once she came back. There was still the peace talks between the two clans, but the story just ends abruptly there. Hopefully, the author will get more chapters to actually develop their story in their future works.
StrawHat Rating
I like how this manga tackles social issues other than problems encountered by people in same-sex relationships. The development of their relationship is also paced right.
Ali1381 Rating
Such a beautiful art style and captivating story
vanlee84 Rating
I can't get enough of this story!!! What a cliffhanger chapter 3! Can't wait for the next chapter. If you love kemonomimi this series is for you.
Hayloumac Rating
Really promising plot so far and lovely art!
MioAkiyama Rating
When the tag says "Stunning Art" don't doubt it. It's truly one of the most beautiful art out there. Hinata is drawn so beautifully his fox tails are just so mesmerizing and Kyouya is just so sharp looking a very handsome looking wolf that you can't look away. Hinata is rejected everywhere by his fox clan, wolf clan but not Kyouya he accepts Hinata as his wife even though it is true a ritual of "peace treaty". He didn't outcast him but tried to make him as comfortable as he could. However, Kyouya has a dark secret that he can't reveal to Hinata. A secret that may need a sacrifice in order to save Hinata.I highly recommend this title for the stunning visual and story plot! Please don't shy away from buying it !
Noni Rating
Beautiful story! ?