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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Be prepared to be blown away!!!! OMG this was like my first toe dip into yaoi when I first read this years ago and I loved it!!! It's got so much grit and grime and doesn't let you up for a second. You're gonna love to hate the seme. And then fall in love with him too and hurt for both of these lost souls. It's so good!!! Heart wrenching and also the most amazing modern love story I have ever read!!!! I bought the manga in Japanese just so I could have it it's that amazing!! It's dark tho!!! Pure Harada!!
ZodiacAttack Rating
I am a HUGE fan of Harada's works and I have been hoping for so long that this one would get released in English!! I have never stalked the the upcoming releases page as intensely as I did with this one. Not only is it is just as good as I remember, it's even better. This translation gives Yoru much more personality than the one I remember and the whole tone of the localization fits the story and characters so well. And the ART. Flawless and as stunning as always from Harada.To anyone unfamiliar with Harada's works: heads up, she is a master at crafting a story with jaw-dropping art, complex and interesting characters, a well flowing plot, and at least one very messed up scene. So read with some caution.
Ayala55 Rating
This one was sorta hard to read, Asaichi was really terrible through all of it and if something super terrible hadn't happened to him to soften the readers heart to him then it would have been too much to take. He softens a little by the end but still sorta not a read I could recommend.
HorseObsessed Rating
I own 4 of Harada's titles & have read 2 of them. I really like the 2 I've read. I Love her artwork & stories. Judging from the 2 I've read. The 2 I've read aren't as dark as I expected, I'm still hesitating on reading the other 2. Check out her work. ^^
ChattyK2125 Rating
Really loved these 2. Yoru is so beautifully honest to Asaichi about his love for him. When you find out later why Yoru loves him, it really makes sense and you want to route for both of them. It takes Asaichi alot longer to fall in love. He eventually hears how Yoru would not be a musician if it were not for him. By that point Asaichi had fallen for him after Yoru took care of him after Iori and his flunkee beat Asaichi.It was after that the 2 wrote and recorded an award winning song. Basically all about their story.Really enjoyed this story and highly recommend it to anyone else!
legallybling Rating
OMG! I can't believe this title is finally available in English. I've never clicked the purchase button so fast! Love love loooooooooove Yoru's obsessive devotion. 10/10
Seranwrap99 Rating
I'm so happy to see this on here!
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