User Reviews For: Brazenly In Love [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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DarthVader Rating
I enjoyed this a lot! The story is cute and both of the main characters are acting like adults. I really enjoyed that one got to see both characters' point of view to feel with them.
MissSleepless Rating
Incredibly charming. Great characters (Ryono is such a mood! I relate so much as an introvert in a highly social job.), fantastic clean art, and a nice medium-burn romance. Also, we get chapters from both Ryono and Ryo's perspectives, which is such a rarity, and it made it even better! Loved it from beginning to end.
Rira Rating
Totally love it, I hope the other volumes will be translated too, can't wait to read them!
SakuraBlues Rating
Love the characters! I'm waiting for the second volume with Tomita's story :D
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