Maybe We're Newlyweds [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Can love be born after marriage?
Yukari Nasukawa is a graduate student of science and highly rational. Mashiro Kaburagi is an elite business person. They were classmates in their college days. Equally broke, the two of them begin to live together, but their landlord refuses to rent to two men. To combat that, they get married so they can't be separated. Once married life begins, Yukari realizes that his supposed best friend Mashiro makes his heart race. When his bed breaks and he tries to sleep in Mashiro's bed, Mashiro snuggles closer than best friends would. Yukari panics and tries to hide his bodily reaction, but Mashiro notices and appeals to his rational thinking - by suggesting they pleasure each other! In this new work by chishanomi, this helpful, elite business person and grad student of science embark on a hot, swoon worthy married life!
Includes a hilarious chapter set six months after the events of "Just Been Married," where Kyosuke believes he's finally settled into married life, but when it comes to Takara, he still can't keep calm.

Also includes a chapter from "A Loser's Romance," where Fuyumi puts his moves on Yoichiro while he recalls how it felt to watch Yoichiro prepare for a role...

Includes a 4-page digital exclusive bonus chapter.

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Maybe We're Newlyweds [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

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Maybe We're Newlyweds (2) [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Pages: 236

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author : Chishanomi publisher : Takeshobo co.,ltd. Series : Just Been Married! Oretachi ha Shinkon san kamo shirenai

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February 07, 2022 (JST)
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