User Reviews For: Maybe We're Newlyweds [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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luna4 Rating
Will proceed to re-read many times. I just love this one too much.
Seregil Rating
Not quite the fake relationship trope (they don't fake being lovey-dovey in front of people, they just get legally married for the benefits), but there's still lots of delicious mutual pining. And, obviously, the "and they were roommates!" thing. Slight content warning for a side character that kind of sexually harasses a main character, but all the sex scenes are between the main pair (and consensual!). Possibly my favorite thing is when they're at the stage where they're initiating sex because it's 'rational' and toooootally what bros would do for each other. XD Has two side stories that seem related to the author's other manga (which I haven't read), but stand alone okay.
pudobudo Rating
This was so funny and cute! I love the premise of these two being engineers and then misunderstanding that the other only does what is "logical" or "practical" like getting married to get a cheap apartment. I love the drawings of Yukari too he is soooo cute his crying face is so funny looking it's adorable. There are also side stories I guess from senseis other manga which I didn't read. Those were OK I loved the main story though.
biggestrebel Rating
Overall story was alright. MC was kinda annoying but I find some airheaded low self esteem characters kinda annoying. Overall, most of the characters annoyed me haha. Smut was delicious tho so there's that lol overall, would revisit
MariMiau25 Rating
They're so cute it's one of my favorites, I can read it many times and not get tired of it, is one of those good reads that you want to repeat!!! I read somewhere there's a third volume? Hope there is and they bring it here, can't get enough!!!
kittywoods88 Rating
Newlywed bliss.
crystaly4 Rating
All I have to say is that I love them so much and they are so cute together ?