You Control Me

author :

Yamada Supocon


"Would you let me take control of your nutrition?" College student Sudo is unable to eat other people's cooking after a traumatic incident. One day, while going to the convenience store he usually frequents, Sudo is handed a homemade bento from a worker at the store he has never seen before. He rejects the offer coldly at first, but opens up after seeing how worried the worker, Hasegawa, is over his health. Around the same time, a rumor starts to spread about a pervert hanging around the university...? This volume also includes a short story about a childhood friend's disturbed love obsession, "Sweet Hell".


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author :

Yamada Supocon

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Kimi ha Boku wo Kanri suru

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You Control Me 1

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April 17, 2022 (JST)
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