Sweet Face Free Fall

author :

Taiji Takoya


Serina Sakuraba,a handsome amateur model in high school,is secretly in love with his classmate,Arata Seno. His eyes,his nose,his mouth... Everything about Arata is perfect in Serina's eyes as he steals a glance from time to time. Nevertheless,he doesn't ever have a chance to talk with Arata. Serina thought it was hopeless... until one day he finds Arata playing a video game alone in the classroom after school. Ever since that day,they become more than friends as their relationship rapidly develops. Arata even invites Serina over to his house! Alone together in Arata's room,one thing leads to another and all of a sudden,they kiss! This is a high-speed romance comedy between a model and a nerd!


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author :

Taiji Takoya

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Sweet Face Free Fall

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