"I want to lose my virginity! I just want to get rid of it!!!" Matsueda Haruno age 29 wants to get rid of her virginity but sadly she doesn't have a boyfriend so "losing virginity" is a difficult task...! When she was struggling with her problem she coincidentally learns that a coworker Yoshino Tsubaki has a lot of experience with women. So Haruno thought that it would be no problem for him to add her to his list of side chicks, so she asked Yoshino "Please take my virginity."!? Haruno was enthusiastic about losing her virginity with this, but Yoshino's reaction was...? A love comedy tale of an out-of-control OL and an elite with special circumstances unfold.



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author :

Kana Hoshida

publisher :


Japanese :

Konotoko Haisupena Doteidesu

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*This Guy is a High-Spec Virgin 1

Pages: 35

*This Guy is a High-Spec Virgin 2

Pages: 35

*This Guy is a High-Spec Virgin 3

Pages: 35

*This Guy is a High-Spec Virgin 4

Pages: 35

*This Guy is a High-Spec Virgin 5

Pages: 35

*This Guy is a High-Spec Virgin 6

Pages: 35

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