My comedy partner is my life partner! This is the 2020's neo - married couple comedy duo!!
Aiming to be top comedians, the comedy duo, Marchentic Bazooka, live together and go to training school while streaming videos. Aki is a disappointing but hot and funny man and has, since the formation of their pairing in high school, liked his "sweet angel" partner Haru, so much that he can't stand it. Though Aki tries terribly hard to show his feelings, Haru won't have anything to do with him...?
A super hot, funny - man weirdo and a not - so - straight straight - man go down the path of being a comedy duo as an actual, ridiculous married couple!


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Hiroto Kujirada

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Marchentic Bazooka (1)

Pages: 40

Marchentic Bazooka (2)

Pages: 42

Marchentic Bazooka (3)

Pages: 34

Marchentic Bazooka (4)

Pages: 41

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