It's 'cause Tsubasa's face is so cute!! Even though he knows he's a man!! They make love every night!!!?? Cram school instructor Sano has a kind and hard - working personality, but no luck with women. On the night he's dumped by his tenth girlfriend, the super cute high school girl he saves actually turns out to be a 31 - year - old feminine man! Tsukasa, who dresses as a woman working at a cosplay brothel, says, "You're my 11th man today, Dr. Sano" Then, with a cute face that's totally Sano's type, Tsukasa blows him, gets on top, and says, "This is a reward for your hard work"...!A weak straight man who is easily swayed, and a super cute, super forward, older feminine - looking man go from friends with benefits to lovers. Sexy, cute, and a little sad, this is a happy love comedy that indulges in cosplay love


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Eight Hisamatsu

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Juichinin Meno Koibitokun

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My 11th Lover (1)

Pages: 45

My 11th Lover (2)

Pages: 38

My 11th Lover (3)

Pages: 41

My 11th Lover (4)

Pages: 38

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