After Kei's colleagues find out about him, he quits his job and moves into an old home. Kei's been blessed to have the nice neighborhood cafe owner Aki and his daughter Matsuri as his next door neighbors. Kei spends his days in peace, wondering about Aki, who smiles forlornly remembering his deceased wife. Kei can't help but secretly fall for his straight neighbor... One day, however, the former friend with benefits he'd cut ties with shows up unexpectedly and outs him to Aki!
Kei nearly dies from the cuteness of the two men fighting in front of him!! This is the love story of a widower with a child and his overly negative neighbor
Includes bonus pages exclusive to the digital edition!


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Otonarisan ni Koi wo Shitemo Iidesuka

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Should I Fall For My Neighbor? [Plus Bonus Page and Digital - Only Bonus]

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