Good Boy Addiction

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"I'm fine being alone forever." That's what the Sub Rui, whose age was equal to the amount of years he hadn't had a lover, thought. He made up his mind to try finding a Dom on an app he booted up. With great luck he was matched with a total hottie and went to meet him on the agreed day, but then the person who showed up was a rough and ragged Dom...! Looking at the man with frightening features who was named Ritsu, Rui had decided to call the whole thing off. But as he was trying to flee the scene, the man desperately pleaded with him to play a scene and ended up getting his way. Staring at Ritsu in disappointment at himself for agreeing, as he knew from his looks that he would be into more "violent" sorts of play, Rui was surprised when his expectations betrayed him and he was loved on, praised a ton and made to cum... That's just the play style he was looking for...!! Unable to forget the play the two had both when he was sleeping and when he was awake, Rui made an agreement to meet up with Ritsu again, but that's when he learned he had a certain secret... A magnanimous Dom worrying over his play style x an introverted Sub with no experience.



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Good Boy Chudoku

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