Shin, the third-born prince of the great kingdom of Garche, has lived with his servant Liandros since he was born... and now, Liandros has disappeared. Lia remained loyal despite Shin's "adventures" around the world and all the trouble he'd gotten them in. Unexpectedly shaken by this turn of events, Shin tracks Lia down to the small village of Barako on the fringes of Garche, where ancient religious structures still stand. There, he finds that Lia is receiving some sort of treatment from a suspicious so-called "shaman," and refuses to come home. That's when Shin starts to come down with a mysterious disease specific to the region...
This is a story of deep, intense, and eternal love between a reckless prince and his loyal servant.

This is the third installment of the series "The Uncharted Kingdom of Oraie."


Yaoi_MangaMaster_and_ServantRoyalty/NoblesLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts

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Nikke Taino

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Sono Yono Dokoka Soten No Yurikago

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Cradled By The Wild Blue Yonder (1)

Pages: 39

Cradled By The Wild Blue Yonder (2)

Pages: 33

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