Alicia goes to the prestigious Saint Rosena Academy, a school for people with magic powers and high intellect. Unfortunately, she has neither. She does, however, have a deep love and good knowledge of herbs! Due to some twist of fate, she's engaged to the handsome son of a Marquis, Ricardo Dallers. He has stronger magic than anybody at school, and the girls there adore him... and despise Alicia. But, one day, she comes home to her father telling her the news that they may go bankrupt because a loan shark is after them. While this alarms her, she decides this is the perfect opportunity to ditch her fianc? and break off the engagement! But, for some reason, Ricardo resists. Keep reading for a cute romantic comedy between a spunky but oblivious girl and a hottie who loves her but clearly doesn't know how to show it!


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author :

Ayane Omiya

story :

Miya Natsume

character design :


publisher :


Japanese :

Botsuraku Sunzen Desunode Konyakusha O Furikiro to Omoimasu

Localization by :


Item List Current ch. 2 completed

New Release: Mar 2, 2024 (JST)

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Isn't Bankruptcy A Great Excuse To Ditch My Hot Fiancé!? (1)

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Pages: 33

Isn't Bankruptcy A Great Excuse To Ditch My Hot Fiancé!? (2)

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Pages: 31

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