Finding Gao Chun

author :

Hon Toku


In this universe, there are humans who live on the earthly realm, greedy demons, and sages who protect humans from evil.
Fei Jin is a half-demon and half-human who is taken in as a child by sage Gao Chun and falls for him. Fei Jin is now a grown man and tries to make his move on Gao Chun, who continues to push him away. Fei Jin learns that Gao Chun has another man in his past that led to him getting a scar on his back...
This is a love triangle BL filled with forbidden love and lust between Fei Jin, Gao Chun, and the man from Gao Chun's past!

This story is a prequel to "The Fox And The Prince."


Yaoi_MangaFantasyLove_TriangleLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts

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author :

Hon Toku

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KiR comics

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Finding Gao Chun (1)

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Finding Gao Chun (2)

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Finding Gao Chun (3)

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