One day, Sharif is brought to an S&M show, meant to release one's desires. He drowns in the pleasure of being ravished. Unable to blot out the image of himself that's stuck in his head, Sharif once again meets Ayato, the owner of the club hosting the show and a man that he never wanted to see again.
This is a spin―off, where the arrogant older brother from "The Wet King Dreams of Arabian Nights" bottoms!


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ShuCream POP

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Akatsuki no Tori ha Nureta Tsuki ni Hizamazuku

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The Bird Of Dawn Kneels Before The Wet Moon (1)

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The Bird Of Dawn Kneels Before The Wet Moon (2 Part One)

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The Bird Of Dawn Kneels Before The Wet Moon (2 Part Two)

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