Minami has awful luck with men-she falls for their looks only to find that they're the worst of the worst. So when she finds out that her next work assignment involves a good-looking, rude-off-the-bat man, she feels just fine about kissing any feelings for him goodbye...that is, until she finds out he's the son of the author of her favorite childhood picture book series, Bride of the Vampire. But the rude son soon changes his tune, and Minami doesn't have long before she discovers the secret his gorgeous lips hide...



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author :

Madoka Kitaji

publisher :


Japanese :

Vampairesama ga Akiramenai

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Item List Current ch. 4 completed

New Release: Jun 7, 2024 (JST)

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This Vampire Won't Give Up! 1

Pages: 168

This Vampire Won't Give Up! 2

Pages: 166

This Vampire Won't Give Up! 3

Pages: 170

This Vampire Won't Give Up! 4

Pages: 152

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